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Massage Therapy

Get out of your head and into your body.

How can you take better care of YOU? What do you need today? To find a way to relax and exhale in the midst of life’s busyness and intensity? Sure thing. More therapeutically-oriented deep tissue work to help you find relief from a chronic issue or injury? Can do. Abdominal massage to focus on and address digestive or menstrual issues? You got it, sister. A pre- or post-natal massage to support all the beautiful changes you're experiencing in this season? Look no further.  I've got a bolstering system that will allow you to lay facedown for your massage — even if your sweet babe is only days from his or her arrival. 

Whatever your massage therapy needs are, I'm here to help.

Your session doesn’t start until you get on the table, so when you’re setting up your appointment, please allow for an extra 10-20 minutes for us to chat before/after your session. Includes deep tissue work (if needed) and the use of essential oils at no additional charge.


30 Minute Session: $45

Not available as an initial appointment

60 Minute Session: $70

90 Minute Session: $95



Create deeper connections.

Heart Sessions are my own special blend of light energy work, emotional release, and open-ended, body-based dialoging. This integrated approach emphasizes curiosity, mindfulness, and nonjudgement and can help you get to the root of any physical or emotional issues you’re experiencing. 

Typically, we’ll begin with a physical sensation that’s unwelcome, problematic, or unusual for you (e.g. a pit in your stomach), a particularly intense or difficult-to-encounter emotion (e.g. anger), or a challenging event or situation (e.g. separation from a spouse or long-term partner). I’ll serve as an anchor point, asking questions designed to help you gently explore whatever’s coming up for you physically and emotionally. 

By fully experiencing sensations in your body and any accompanying emotions that might arise — even when that can feel uncomfortable or a little scary or different — you can begin to connect more deeply to your own heart. Together, we uncover and examine habits, narratives, and belief structures that are no longer serving you so that you can begin living in ways that honor your own inner wisdom.


60 Minute Heart Session: $60

60 Minute Combination Therapeutic Massage + Heart Session: $70

90 Minute Combination Therapeutic Massage + Heart Session: $85




Show up, breathe, move, repeat.

Yoga is really so simple, but we can get it so twisted, worrying too much about what the poses look like or operating with a “deeper, longer, more advanced, pushing it to the absolute max all the time = better” mentality. In my experience as a yogi, teacher, and licensed massage therapist, practicing this way often leads to compromising your personal alignment (which can eventually result in unnecessary disfunction, discomfort, and pain), stalls your ability to grow your yoga practice sustainably, and disconnects you from your own body and inner wisdom.

So what’s the alternative? Freedom, curiosity, and a spirit of flexibility. Moving from a place of alignment with your deepest, truest YOU. 

I call this approach "mindful alignment" because it encourages constant reflection instead of blind compliance with standard cues and directives and asks you to truly honor your body as your best teacher and your ultimate authority. I am 100% convinced that this approach is the secret to letting go of old patterns that aren’t supporting you or your growth and building new ones that will. To discovering the alignment, poses, and modifications that work best for you. To cultivating a yoga practice that teaches you how to recognize and reconnect with the voice of your deepest, truest self — both on and off your mat. 


Dates, times, and offerings vary.

A cozy, welcoming studio in the Cascade neighborhood of Grand Rapids.

Thursdays: 6 PM Slow Flow and 7:30 PM Power Flow
Saturdays: 9 AM Power Flow and 10:30 AM Slow Flow




It's not about the perfect pose, it's about YOU.

With group classes, we can create a series or a single class for you and your gal pals or your work fam. Depending on your preferences, we can focus on a particular theme or intention or I can lead you through a fun and energetic vinyasa flow so that you can breathe, move, and get a little playful on your mat. 

One-on-one sessions are a bit different. 

Think of them less like a private class and more like a personalized yoga workshop — your 60 minute session will include a pre-session survey where you can fill me in on all your yoga-related queries and conundrums (e.g. "I never know if I'm doing Half Moon right" or "why does my low back always hurt after I practice?” or "I want to build an effective home practice, but I feel totally stuck") so that we can can maximize the impact of our time together. Right before your 60 minute flow actually begins, we'll have a 15-30 minute "consultation" where we talk through some of your most important questions and figure out how to fine tune your yoga practice so that it truly serves you. No doubt about it, your one-on-one session will have a lasting impact on your practice —whether you roll out your mat on your kitchen floor or in-studio somewhere.

Pricing for private yoga:

$45 per 60 minute session in my office space

Base price, one-on-one sessions only

$60 per 60 minute session off-site

Additional costs apply for space rental fees or roundtrip travel times of over 30 minutes total


Cash, check, and credit/debit cards accepted (add $3 processing fee for credit/debit card payments).  In order to honor the valuable nature of our time together, there is a $35 charge associated with no-call-no-shows and appointment cancellations/reschedules occurring within 24 hours of your previously scheduled appointment time.


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