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“My session with Kate was everything I wanted and more! She was able to explain things in my body that I have been experiencing but that other practitioners (western and eastern) have told me I've been crazy for feeling. The bottom line: Book a session with Kate. You’ll walk out a new person. This work is amazing.”

— R.G. in Grand Rapids


heart sessions

“I do creative work that relies on a lot of thinking and a clear path to my own intuition. When I'm not planted well in my body, things get frenetic. While massage alone can help, what I really longed for was someone to meet me in my journey and hold more space for my body to breathe and my heart to open. Kate has met me there with a thoughtful mix of methods, from hands-on massage to energy work to guiding questions that help me listen to my body more attentively. But what really matters is the intuitive and grounded way Kate moves through a session. No amount of training can show a person how to hold space like that... that's where her gift comes in, and I feel so fortunate to receive some of it in every session.”



“I have been seeing Kate a little over a year now, for both Heart Sessions and therapeutic massage and each session has left me feeling light, relaxed, and unburdened in a way I have not experienced with other therapists. She is easy to talk to and incredibly insightful, always offering me different ways of viewing how I handle my own emotions. I would absolutely recommend anyone who has the opportunity to work with Kate to take it without reservation.

Taylor Normington


“Kate is such a beautiful, warm, and compassionate practitioner. Her services allowed me to become more aware of deep emotional patterns stuck in my body and bring them to the surface for healing. I loved the integration of body, mind, and spirit throughout the entire session. She is a true gift.”

Michel Andreasen


“I have seen Kate for massage, energy work, as well as an essential oil consultation and custom blend, and she is warm, kind, and truly cares about her clients. She’s clearly passionate and knowledgeable about her work, and makes me feel comfortable. I’ve been able to work on developing a better relationship with my body (and myself) and process guilt/shame that I was holding onto in my body through emotional release and energy work. I’m more comfortable in my own skin and the weight of holding on to previous hurts and shame has lightened tremendously.



Massage Therapy




Kate’s yoga series re-invigorated my yoga practice and my life. She is open, caring, and I absolutely adore her teaching style — incorporating the perfect balance of calmness with intensity to ensure her class is accessible for both beginners and individuals more advanced in practice. I was so inspired by Kate that I convinced my boss and co-workers to join me in practicing yoga with her. She created a 10-week mindfulness and yoga series for our law firm and tailored it to our exact needs, customizing it to talk about stresses specific to our jobs and giving us tools to cope. Kate’s spirit, commitment, warmth, knowledge, and dedication have significantly contributed to finding my best self.”

Leslie Caliguri

Grand Rapids

“I've been practicing yoga with Kate for about a year now and I love her teaching style and philosophy — show up, breathe, and tune in to your body. Take what serves you and leave the rest. In Kate's classes, I finally feel the freedom to not only listen to my body but actually move it in whatever way serves me at that moment, even if it's not the pose Kate has offered. Her yoga classes have had a profound impact on my well being and helped me reconnect and listen to my body. I'm so grateful to have found Kate.

Andrea Marz

Grand Rapids

“I have done two different yoga series with Kate and whenever a series finishes, I honestly find myself counting the minutes until the next one starts. Kate is such a great teacher. Her classes are challenging and restorative and her warm personality makes each session feel so personal. I highly recommend Kate Block and Little Dipper!

Sara Leo, PhD

Grand Rapids

“Kate is an amazing teacher! I felt empowered in my practice and appreciated the freedom I had to explore what worked best in my body. Her energy is contagious!”

Kathy Reed

Yoga Teacher, Grand Rapids


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